Thursday, November 4

Repetitive Memorization

Remember rote memorization from grade school? Sitting in rows, everyone chanting the times tables outloud, writing each fact ten times in a row, taking timed tests... the way some kids groaned because they already knew it all and how other kids groaned because it seemed like they'd never get it?  Now in our later years, our 40's and more, we remember them though, don't we?  At least the basic ones that allow us to recall the the others... memorization and repetition was key.

I've lost so much with the passing of time - lost an entire year and a half now of my childrens lives. Lost opportunities, chances, moments of critical bonding, memory making activities, traditions and familiar comforts that I could have shared with my children.  But I was shored up in the midst of grief by this: repetitive memorization cements a fact into you. 

I had 12 years of repetitve actions with my children and my love will be, IS, cemented into them.  I am still the mom even though I'm not the one making their lunches now, not the one folding their clothes and nagging about their shoes in the hall and not the one signing permission slips and helping with homework.  The fact of my love still remains.

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  1. really BIG hugs

    and prayers

    always prayers for you